If you are looking to buy a second hand/ used bike, look no further.  You have reached the right place to buy used motorcycles. We agree buying bikes is not an easy task but Shriram Automall India Ltd. (SAMIL) is absolutely perpetrated to simplify your search for the bike by all means. SAMIL ensures that buying a bike doesn’t become a nerve-racking or wallet-draining experience for its consumers.

SAMIL is an exceptional transaction platform for used vehicles where people find their value for search. A medium which provides its consumers the essential tool to chose from the vast inventory available & make buying decisions. One can also get full fledged information about the bikes with all details & specifications about each and every model just in one click at

We have our skilled experts to guide you through the process. One cannot ask for more, when under one roof, customers can get services such as Parking, Insurance, Valuations, Easy Finance & Documentation assistance. We help our buyers get the best deal within their considered budget.
We have our skilled experts to guide you through the process. One cannot ask for more, when under one roof, customers can get services such as Parking, Insurance, Valuations, Easy Finance & Documentation assistance. We help our buyers get the best deal within their considered budget.

 For pre owned bikes in immaculate conditions, we have following bikes featuring AVENGER, DISCOVER, Platina, Pulsar, Wave, XCD this month. 

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All vehicle purchases start with one question: to buy a New or used one?

If you're on a rigid budget, then buying a used car gets you the maximum value for the least amount of money. Used vehicle or pre –owned vehicles prices tend to fall when a number of new cars are launched, thus providing an excellent opportunity for those looking to buy such cars. However, buying a used car is very different from buying a new one.
So how do you choose in the used car market?

The most important thing is to zero down on a budget and the car you want to buy.

Before buying a pre owned car, decide how much you want to pay, check what it takes to maintain the car, do a physical examination preferably or get a second opinion. While prices of new cars are fixed, those of used cars could be depending much on the age of the car, number of miles it has run and how it has been handled & maintained.

The Pre owned market also gives a wider variety for the budget. For less than half the price of the standard new car, you can buy a used commercial vehicle that is larger and loaded with more features than the small, bare-bones new one.

Buyers of certified pre-owned cars from an authorized source can purchase a late-model used car with the original warranty and then choose to add to it. The cars selected by them go through stringent quality tests, thereby giving you reliability and peace of mind. The combination of late-model used vehicles, the greater reliability and durability of vehicles, and the availability of warranties make buying a used car a win-win deal!

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Sometimes, looking for your favourite used commercial vehicle might become a herculean task if you can’t find it easily on the website. To solve this concern, we have a feature on our website, “Search,” to help you find anything that you are looking for, with utmost ease and convenience.

You have to follow a series of simple steps to reach your used commercial vehicle of interest in a jiffy.

  1. In the search tab, insert the name of the used commercial vehicle you are looking for
  2. Now to bid on this item, you must be registered. Therefore, get yourself registered and keep your username and password very confidential.
  3. Before you start bidding for your favourite used commercial vehicle, ensure that you have gone through the terms and conditions, very carefully.
  4. You can now put your bidding amount
  5. You can regularly monitor the status of your used commercial vehicle by checking the status Winning, Near to Outbid, Outbid.
  6. We will also keep you posted regularly through SMS’s and emails, the details of which can be found in the “My Alerts” section.
Follow these easy steps to find your favourite used vehicle in our exhaustive inventory.


Price hikes, fuel price amplification, elevated interest rates and economic uncertainty – an assortment of these macro factors has taken the zip out of new car sales in the country.

Used Cars purchase at such auctions would not just be practical but also could be a very wise move, investment wise .And of course; there are several disadvantages as well of getting into this market. It would be helpful if you consider the pros and cons of buying a car at car auctions.

 ·  Let us have a look at the advantages first:

·          Used cars at the bidding events are usually very economical as compared to cars sold at conventional car dealerships and distributors. That is why people who have budget constraints are always falling into queues just to get to almost every car auction in the community.

·         The service providers always make sure each vehicle they display at auctions are of high quality and are very much in good condition.
·         You will have access to the best used car models at the auction, along with the vintage cars as well.

After the advantages, it would be wise to also take a look at the usual setbacks of buying used cars at the bidding events:

·         Second Hand Cars are cheap because they are usually repossessed or confiscated. However,  Second-hand cars sold can also not be second hand at all, but sometimes they can also be third-hand, fourth-hand and so on.

  • Some cars are just refurbished and made to look good and functional during the auction but when the buyer finally uses the used car, flaws and damages would start resurfacing.
Car buyers are divided on their stand on whether it is beneficial or not to purchase used cars at auctions. When deciding on whether you would purchase a used car at auction, you can first take suggestion from experts or hear feedbacks from used car buyers who have already acquired cars at such bidding events.

Monthly Vehicles & Equipment Bidding Event at Manesar, Gurgaon


Automobiles have become an inevitable part of our lifestyle today. It is not only a measure of national economy; but also of an individual’s growth in life and his/her social status as well. However, in times of soaring inflation, when the value of money depreciates every single moment, it is always good to look for alternatives. It is for this reason that a pre-owned vehicle may be as good as a new one these days.

Before zeroing on the service provider for such business, one must be completely aware of all the platforms through which such transactions take place.

Many semi-organized and organized enterprises are coming up in India to bank on this untapped trade. These service providers offer many channels; however, few of these are very popular like:

Physical/Live Auctions

·         The Physical auctions offer the possibility to inspect vehicle in person. One can also get a sense of the hot selling Used Vehiclesused construction equipments, and assets. This information may help end users, dealers with their auction strategies, greatly.

·         Additional, these auctions also offer the buyers and sellers with an opportunity to connect with each other; which might come handy in learning about the market trends.


·         The online platform displays an increased variety of used commercial vehicles and equipments to the customer, along with the comfort of operating from anywhere.

·         Through this platform, the customer can bid and have the automobile checked once the auction is over. Service providers with a bidding website specialized  are just the intermediaries, if a person’s bid wins, it is between the two parties involved to close the deal and write the contract.

·         A company has recently come up with one stop intranet kiosks which are loaded with an exhaustive list of all the stock for every automobile/equipment available with them.

·         The Kiosks are exceedingly interactive medium making the transaction journey very easy approaching & smooth for the end users.

·         This platform brings together the sellers and buyers of bulk stock together. This is again an online process where bulk business is initiated when we upload the inventory. The purchasers are encouraged to submit their quotes.

 One must always look for a reliable source offering such business platforms as they provide guarantee of deserving ownership and accident certification to their end users and vendors along with better quality and benefits like warranty period and free repair services, engine loan, credit card facility, valuable services, general insurance, repair & refurbishment, documentation, etc.

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If you are looking for buying a used car, or any other automobile, you might want to know the benefits of foraying into this market:

  • Amplified selection: Both new and pre-owned vehicle dealers are feeling the implications of a hard-hitting economy. However, the positive aspect of this is that customers win in a bear market; as dealerships close prices of large, used SUVs and even midsized cars are down therefore there should be more vehicles on lots due to sluggish sales.

  • Improved reliability: Even though used vehicles normally don't carry the same warranties as new ones, the original factory warranty on new vehicles is transferable to a second owner, sans any charges. Buyers of certified pre-owned vehicles from an authorized service provider can buy a late-model used vehicle with the original warranty and then opt to add to it. The amalgamation of an excess of late-model used vehicles, the greater dependability and durability of vehicles, and the availability of warranties make buying a used commercial vehicles much less of a stake.

  • Just like new: Another drift that makes buying used vehicle a superior option is the proliferation of certified pre-owned organized service providers. The idea that offshoot with luxury cars transactions has now become very popular and receptive.